7 happiness facts on Switzerland that put a smile on your face

According to the various happy countries rankings Switzerland is always on or near the top … and not because they have so many mountains. In this years’ World Happiness Report Norway ranks # 1 closely followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland. No doubt there are some facts on Switzerland that make up Switzerland’s happiness formula.

There are so many reasons that the Swiss must be happy people, for example because they can ski fulltime on their gorgeous mountains, but we have selected remarkable happiness facts that will (according to us) definitely impact the country’s level of happiness.

8 facts on Switzerland

  1. In Switzerland, it is illegal to keep just one guinea pig. You got to have them in pairs. This is because they are considered to be social species, and they are considered victims of abuse if they don’t regularly interact with others of their species.
  2. The first ever youth hostel, established to protect the travelers from bandits, has been operating in the Swiss Alps for nearly 1,200 years.
  3. More than half of Swiss domestic electricity is produced by 556 hydroelectric power plants – some 19 million gigawatt hours a year, with hydropower the country’s most important renewable energy.
  4. Switzerland is home to around 1,500 lakes, of which Lake Geneva is the largest and reportedly holds more than 40 shipwreck.
  5. There is a lawyer in Switzerland who represents animals in court. He has even prosecuted a fisherman for taking too long to catch a Pike.
  6. The Swiss Army Knife’s corkscrew tool is not made in Switzerland, but in Japan. All other parts are pure Swiss-made.
  7. The Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation in the world – they eat a record of around 11kg per year. Chocolate is a major Swiss export; with 18 Swiss chocolate companies, Switzerland exported almost 115,500 tonnes of chocolate in 2015. And besides that Swiss chocolate is a guilty pleasure, it actually creates a happiness boost because of the ingredient Tryptophan. This is used by the brain to make serotonin, the neurotransmitter that can produce feelings of happiness. So don’t forget trying this secret during our next trip.
  8. The Dalai Lama owns the smallest vineyard in the world, which is located in Switzerland. It consists of only three vines and has an area of 1.67 meters squared. No doubt this small vineyard is a HAPPY place!

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  1. Tjekkie,

    These facts keep a innocent civilian going on in the forward struggle against ignorance.

    Spass beiseite, Freund.

    Ik hoop, dat je ook in Zwitserland, het land dat er eigenlijk niet toe doet, afzijdig, maar met een geweldige historie, natuur en bijzonderheden. Jullie gaven daar blijk van.

    “Die Zwitsers, een raar volkje”, zei Asterix. en hij had meer dan gelijk.

    Groetjes en door naar het volgende land,


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