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We are Tjerk and Alissa. We have this extreme, unmet desire to create awareness that the most important thing in life is often made complex unnecessary. We have the unstoppable urge to wake people up and inspire them to increase their own happiness as well as that of others.

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We’ve created Happiness Around the Globe because we believe everyone deserves to be happy, just as we believe the impact stories of others have on us.

We’re convinced that its often one specific moment, person or story that will (re)open your eyes, act as a Firestarter or makes you connect-the-dots. Just one tiny sentence or experience that resonates with you and creates a sudden A-HA-! moment. Kind-a-like Einstein. Maybe Columbus. Or even like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly: suddenly no longer limited by little feet, not-so-pretty appearance and slow speed but able to experience freedom and a stunning look.

We hope that by sharing these unique stories, insights, and experiences we will deliver some of the happiness lessons we’re experiencing right to your front door. We hope it serves as inspiration and increases awareness about the single most important thing in life: being happy. As a person, a family, a community and as a nation.

So far, our experience has been beyond any expectations. We are learning more and more each day. About others, ourselves, cultures, happiness, and the world. We’re discovering life. We’re learning how to better appreciate life. We’re living like a butterfly getting ready to fly around and make the world look a little prettier. At least our own world!

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Tjerk – Founder and Chief Happiness Seeker

What is my story about happiness?! For as long as I (and my mom) can remember, I am full of energy, optimism, and enthusiasm. Enjoying life from the Amsterdam basecamp and always eager to learn new things. Love champagne, skiing, and cycling. Almost always positive… I am a people person who loves to be surrounded by people, help them and make them happy. Ow yes, I am a pleaser 🙂

What does happiness mean to me?! To me happiness is freedom. Freedom to do what I want when I want for and with the people I love. Experience new things, meet new people, learn something new…enjoy live to the fullest.

Last but not least … laughing makes me extremely happy!

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Alissa – Founder and Senior Happiness Junkie

Live. Love. Laugh. One of these cliché sayings that you see everywhere, but it’s who I am. I love to life my live to the fullest, continuously exploring new things. I love to love, it is the most powerful thing we have that unites us all. Laugh, well I just love to laugh, with friends, family or because of funny Youtube movies. I am passionate about happiness, travel, and yoga. I’ve set up my own positive psychology coaching practice and am helping startups accelerate.

For me, happiness is being able to be who you are and do what you believe in. Being free of sky-high expectations, regrets, and worries. Being able to enjoy the present, with all her beauty and her discomforts.


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