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Happy International Happiness Day!
First of all: yeeeey! The Netherlands claims a stable position, once again ranked as the sixth happiest country in the world! Let’s go Dutchies, let’s go!

More importantly, it’s been a year ago since Happiness Around the Globe has kicked-off. And with some pretty rewarding results. We’ve visited over fifteen countries as of today. From South-Africa, Iceland, and Switzerland, to Asia and Oceania. Not to mention the amazing lessons we’ve learned in countries like India, Vietnam and Costa Rica. We’ve been interviewed by various local media as the digital newspaper Stuff from New Zealand and even performed live on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Like that’s not yet enough, we have the honor to publish a book about our pursuit!

Together with publisher Thema our book “Gelukkigst – lessen in geluk overal ter wereld” will be launched fall this year. In Dutch for now, but who knows what the future will bring ;-).

That’s right: a book!!!!!! This news sure makes us happy!!!!

The book will not be the next self-help book that tells you how to be happy.

This book will be much more than that! The book will be full of lessons learned from people all over the globe, our personal experiences and scientific evidence. It will be a collection of moving stories to motivate you to discover your own definition of happiness.

Gelukkigst – lessen in geluk overal ter wereld

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Tjerk & Alissa


Gelukkigst – lessen in geluk overal ter wereld

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