3 happy cities in Switzerland that will make it a visit you’ll never forget

3 happy cities in Switzerland that will make it a visit you'll never forget

We had visited Switzerland before but that was only for skiing on the gorgeous slopes and enjoying the amazing views of the Alpes. This time we left our ski’s and snowboards at home and took the car for a road trip to Bern, Lucerne, Zurich and Basel.

Four beautiful cities on the shores of deep, iceblue-coloured lakes and surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Visiting these historical towns during a short road trip made us see a totally different side of this beautiful country.

We’ve selected a few of our most favourite places in Bern, Lucerne, Zurich and Basel to visit recommended to us by the locals! As Zurich had so much to offer we have put these hotspots in a seperate post 🙂


Bern is beautiful!! It lies on the shores of river Aare. The streets are covered with cobblestones. It is small and you do not need many days to visit it. Although it lies between mountains that rise like mighty jagged teeth from the earth it has a laidback atmosphere that with a little imagination could be a beach village in the Caribbean 🙂

Zytglogge – JAn icon in the centre of Bern is the beautiful Zytglogge, a landmark medieval tower built in the early 13th century.

Tibits – For both lunch, dinner and drinks Tibits is a cosy restaurant and bar located in the old town of Bern. They have an amazing – vegetarian – self-service buffet and delicious homemade bread. There’s a nice terrace for you to enjoy your treat whilst indulging yourself in the beautiful architecture of the old town.

Länggasse quarter  Länggasse quarter really is the kind of place you need to be told about or taken to as you’d never stumble across it by accident. That’s because it’s tucked away behind the university and main station which is so much more than a student part of town. This is the area where Toblerone was first made. It has an Italian meets Scandinavian vibe. The gelateria La Berna has a very good reputation, and exceeded the expectations of us as true gelato lovers. The accompanied café bar Sattler has a vibrant atmosphere and serves excellent beers!

Colonial bar – If you’re in for a good cup of coffee – you even get to choose your own beans – the Colonial Bar in the old town of Bern  is definitely worth visiting. And as soon as your appetite lingers for a cocktail, this is your place too. Don’t worry if you can’t choose, because these guys know exactly what you need!

Bern hotspots




Lucerne is a smaller town in the German speaking part of Switzerland. It has a magnificent lake in the midst of the centre, filled with swans looking for a snack.

Kapellbrücke – The ‘Kapellbrücke’ in Lucerne is one of Switzerland’s most known bridges and it is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe! When you walk over the bridge do not forget to look up to enjoy the beauty of the 158 paintings that are all over the bridge depicting events from Lucerne’s history. The Kapellbrücke was almost destroyed in 1993 due to a tragic fire destroying two thirds of its interior paintings but shortly thereafter it was reconstructed and again opened to the public.

Dieci – If your into ice-cream and prefer them vegan go Dieci so you can enjoy irresistible ice-cream with a view on the wild flowing river Reuss.

Lucern hotspots



Basel is a very diverse town. Although it is small it will be very hard to choose between visiting museums, strolling along the river Rhine or spend time walking through its historic city centre. Two of the must see landmarks are the fivehundred year old Townhall on the Marktplatz and the Basel Minster on the peacefull Munsterplatz.

Zum Kuss – To start your day a great spot in the middle of the centre is Zum Kuss . It is a lovely location on the corner of the Elisabethen Park in the Vorstadt area of Basel. Breakfast, coffee, brunch, evening cocktails…anything is possible in this former mortuary and chapel.

Acero – After a stroll along the river Rhine you must stop at Acero for tea and ice-cream that you can enjoy either inside or at their hidden terrace in the garden.

Negishi Steinen – Although not a traditional Swiss meal, if you’re into Sushi you must go to Negishi Steinen in the old town. If you f you are more up for a warm dish try one of their amazing noodle soups.

Basel hotspots



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