5 x happy places that will make you fall in love with Zurich for ever

3 happy cities in Switzerland that will make it a visit you'll never forget

During our roadtrip to Bern, Lucerne, Zurich and Basel we fell in love with this beautiful country. Four beautiful cities on the shores of deep, iceblue-coloured lakes and surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

We’ve put our most favourite places in Bern, Lucerne, and Basel in a separate post as Zurich had so much to offer we had to dedicate one post to this amazing, less typical town.

Thanks to the tips of the locals we found out that Zurich is full of hip and thriving places full of creativity. We’ve selected our five most favourite places in Switzerland’s biggest city.

Viaduktstrasse – Viaduktstrasse in Zurich West is however the city’s hotspot, really the coolest part of town. It is full of energy and entrepreneurship. This area hosts all Zurich’s creative entrepreneurs and upcoming artists. This former industrial area now is full of hipster stores, restaurants with amazing food, bars and club! Who needs more for a night out going wild. We happily call it one of the highlights of Zurich. Don’t forget to take a look inside the concept store Street-Files.

Frau Gerolds Garten – One of our favourite spots is Frau Gerolds Garten, an urban island of greenery, which is perfect for outside drinks and food!  It’s the place we’re Swiss are allowed to go crazy. According to local entrepreneurs, it’s the spot the city needs to stay vivid, have good fun and be a little crazy. A mix of sustainable shops, picnic tables, bars in ship containers and small home grown herb gardens makes this one of the highlights of Zurich. They have an amazing rooftop bar open in summer. Every Saturday you’ll find a local market filled with the latest products of upcoming talent.

Langstrasse – Cultures and lifestyles all converge on legendary Langstrasse, the former red light district of Zurich now is full of hip bars and restaurants. The ideal place to meet friends to chill or party and to go a little crazy! Our favourite sport is Long Street Bar where you can enjoy their wide range of cocktails both inside and on the terrace outside.

25Hours hotel – The brand new 25Hours hotel opened its doors in April 2017 and it is already the hotspot and place to be seen in this part of Zurich. It is located right next to Zurich’s main station. The designer, Werner Aisslinger, regards the hotel as a small, independent universe, inspired by the contrasts between banks and red lights, art and finance. It has a great restaurant and a stunning and sunny terrace. The location makes it an excellent spot to stay a night or two.

Hiltl Sihlpost – Another great, vegetarian venue just around the corner of the main station is the Hiltl Sihlpost  bar and restaurant. It is keeping the travel theme alive featuring its changing drinks menu on a ticker board like you get at an airport or station. It’s interesting to be in such a dynamic area – if you thought Zurich was all staid restaurants and investment bank offices, a stroll through this neighbourhood after dark will completely change your view of the city – and not in the way it once would have.

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