The power of a Random Act of Kindness on International Happiness Day!

Last Monday we celebrated International Happiness Day at Dam square. To celebrate and share happiness, we asked people to buy a coffee and give it to a stranger. We experienced the power of a Random Act of Kindness.


The power of a Random Act of Kindness

When you’re giving something away, it not only increases his or her happiness, but also yours. In fact, the act even has a larger impact on your own happiness. Numerous studies have documented that many psychological and physical benefits that can result from engaging in kind and altruistic behaviour. Besides multiple weeks of effort and kindness behaviours, recent studies also indicate that even very brief kindness activities have benefits!

Random Acts of Kindness are – luckily – happening everywhere. Tony Robbins introduced 12 acts of kindness and a non-profit foundation is designed to spread kindness.

Inspiration: 7 acts of kindness

  1. Make a Spotify playlist for someone you love
  2. Cook the favourite meal of your best friend
  3. Give a compliment to a stranger on the street. Twice!
  4. Give someone a book you enjoyed
  5. Volunteer for a non-profit
  6. Tell yourself the five things you’re most proud of
  7. Buy a coffee for a stranger!

We performed act #7, and in the video below you see the power of a random act of kindness. These two beautiful human beings show happiness and brightness, regardless of the shitty Dutch weather.

How will you spread happiness?!

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