A quest has been born in South Africa

An extraordinary journey to the 25 happiest countries across the globe in search of life’s secret ingredients for lasting happiness. An inspiring quest to collect unique stories of 250 people, to learn the key lessons for lifelong happiness and visit happy places. And it all started when discovering happiness in South Africa.

We are living in a world of countless opportunities. A world full of continuous hunger for better. For more. More of everything, including happiness. No surprise that the amount of self-help books about happiness is increasing rapidly, but unfortunately so is the number of burn-outs.

It seems like our Western culture, community and daily life is formed on certain values from the past. Hard work, higher status, more power all equals safety and therefore a good life. However, in today’s global world of endless opportunities, expectations and extrinsic rewards, the question arises whether these factors indeed lead to a good life. When we spend a month in South Africa, we’ve faced a culture that differs from ours. In a country with many different perspectives on life, we began to realise that, for us, all possibilities we have sometimes have a counter effect on our own happiness. In South Africa, it’s the awareness of the simple, essential needs in life, the ones we often overlook, that made us question:

What makes a good life?

To answer this question we have set up a quest. A quest to better understand what happiness means to people, what makes them happy and what they actively do to achieve happiness. We will be visiting the 25 happiest countries to talk to 250 people within one year.

We started talking about happiness in South Africa with the people we’ve met. It mades us realise that we have a universal need to be happy, to live a good life and to do good to others.

Curious to find out how and why where doing this? Read about it! 

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